Thursday 9th December 2021
10:30 am-5:05 pm Virtual

Thursday 9th December 2021
10:30 am-5:05 pm Virtual

Driversity Matter

Pharma organisations have a unique place in our society developing lifesaving medicines and helping people lead healthier lives. They enhance patients’ lives and help address inequalities that exist in society.

To ensure organisations truly deliver for their communities and every patient has equal access to healthcare and life saving drugs, they must reflect the societies and communities they serve.

Diversity and inclusion is essential to the growth and prosperity of organisations because a diverse perspectives, experiences, cultures, genders and age, reap untold benefits. It is only when we create an environment where all colleagues feel valued, accepted and included that can we truly unleash the talent of all our people.

Research by McKinsey shows that companies with the most culturally diverse leadership teams outperform their counterparts by up to a third in terms of profitability and performance.

Our objectives

  • Provide a platform for pharma leaders, diversity practitioners and thought leaders to discuss, debate and share learnings on the key D&I issues affecting organisations today
  • Our aim is to help organisations retain and attract the best and brightest talent. To help them create inclusive cultures where all colleagues can thrive and where everyone, regardless of their gender, race or sexual orientation, can bring their true authentic selves to work
  • Our conference will tackle these vital issues and showcase case studies from seasoned practitioners
  • We will promote healthy discussions and provide a safe space for lived experiences and insights to be shared
  • We hope to inspire change in organisations to create an environment where everyone is seen, heard and respected
  • We will ensure delegates walk away with practical, actionable steps to spark real, long-lasting, cultural change and develop a culture of inclusion where belonging is the norm
  • Instigate change, tackle unconscious biases, and build an inclusive environment that educates employers and employees to be race conscious